10 best things about the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 electric sports utility vehicle

Volkswagen US releases video footage with all the information you may not know about the second electric car in its ID. range

Ian Osborne
February 22, 2021
EV Life

With the upcoming release of Volkswagen’s ID.4 Dustin Krause, director of e-mobility for Volkswagen America, highlights the 10 coolest things you may not know about the all-new electric sports utility vehicle (SUV).

The ID.4 is Volkwagen’s second electric car in their ID. range and is set launch in March in the US. It follows in the footsteps of the ID.3 hatchback that has been hugely popular around the globe. The ID.3 has been so popular that in Norway in September 2020 it was the most popular selling car of all car sales in the country, including internal combustion engines vehicles.

Like the ID.3 the new ID.4 is built on Volkswagen’s MEB electric platform and once again it looks set to be a winner. With SUV’s being so popular around the world the ID.4 looks set to be an instant hit. Whether it’s the range, charging capabilities or regenerative braking through to inner the cockpit and driver-friendly technology Krause explains them all.

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